RAPID CITY, SD (October 5, 2023) – The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) continues to support the International Hunter Education Association and recently sponsored the 2023 International Hunter Education Association – USA (IHEA) Conference in Boise ID. Volunteer members of IHEA-UA were also invited to attend the conference virtually.

State Fish & Wildlife professionals and instructors received the latest teaching techniques, tools, and learned about IHEA-USA’s new programs to help train volunteers and create safe hunters and target shooters.

“The IHEA-USA conference is a great networking opportunity for state coordinators and industry leaders,” explained Marilyn Bentz, NBEF Executive Director. “Working together we can align strategies and efforts to make a bigger impact on hunter safety.”

“We value the ongoing support from the National Bowhunter Education Foundation and appreciate its sponsorship of our recent conference,” shared IHEA-USA Executive Director Alex Baer. “NBEF has been a wonderful partner for many years, and their contributions to hunter education and the many volunteers that teach it are extremely important to new bow hunters.”

NBEF works with IHEA-USA to spread NBEF’s message about its safety and success-focused bowhunter ed classes, informational materials and to enthusiastically support the industry.

NBEF helps bowhunters learn to be safe, successful and stewards of the sport. NBEF offers bowhunting instructional items, books, videos, 3-D models, apparel and more at nbef.org.

About NBEF

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation offers instructional content and tools for bowhunter education classes in the US. Helping bowhunters become safe and successful hunters and stewards of the sport are important NBEF missions. The NBEF provides  bowhunter certification standards and class content that states and certain circumstances require in order to bowhunt. NBEF provides instructor training and certification.

NBEF oversees the International Bowhunter Education Program and works with the International Hunter Education Association and state agencies to coordinate a unified program. Europe and other countries accept the NBEF (IBEP) certification and conduct IBEP classes.

NBEF also oversees the International Crossbow Education Program and works with state agencies responsible for crossbow education to develop comprehensive online crossbow safety courses that teach students important laws and regulations, game identification, and safe, responsible handling of crossbow equipment.

NBEF is a 501(c)3 corporation that isn’t a membership-based organization. Tax-deductible donations to support this non-profit are welcome.

Learn more at nbef.org.



Kim Emery, Firefly Publicity, kim@fireflypublicity.com