RAPID CITY, SD (November 21, 2022) –The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) offers a variety of bowhunting gifts with prices that won’t break the bank.

$5 and under gift ideas

NBEF Khaki/Brown Logo Collectible Patch  This embroidered National Bowhunter Education Foundation brown patch of years past makes a perfect addition to a collection. $2.00

NBEF Logo Collectible Patch This colorful embroidered National Bowhunter Education Foundation patch of years past makes a perfect addition to a collection. $2.40

IBEP Student Logo Patch Colorful recognition patch for anyone completing their bowhunter education course. $2.60

Urban Bowhunting Guide Booklet  A guide for addressing urban deer problems by using responsible bowhunting. An objectively presented collection of history, information, and the rationale for utilizing bowhunters and bowhunting to manage urban game animals. $5.00

“Today’s 3 In 1 Responsibility Guide” Booklet for Hunters Three Hunter’s Guides to Safe and Responsible Tree Stand Usage, Big Game Shot Placement, and Big Game Recovery. This 80-page booklet contains all three guides to a safe and responsible hunt. Written for hunting with a bow or firearm. The future of all hunting depends on hunter and bowhunter education. Packed with hunting safety and hunting ethics information for beginners as well as a good refresher for experienced hunters. Handy size fits into a pocket or pack. Don’t go on a hunt without it! $5.00

“Today’s Crossbow” Addendum Manual for Hunter Education Up-to-date information on the safe and proper handling of equipment, safe tree stand hunting and the basics of hunting with a crossbow. This booklet is designed to supplement information learned in hunter ed or bowhunter ed classes or as supplemental information for seasoned hunters. $5.00

$15 and under gift ideas

Pewter Oval Lapel Pin High quality, hand crafted small oval pewter deer pin. Makes a great hat pin or lapel pin alone or it accepts the dangler (product 3070) which highlights years of service to bowhunter education or years afield. $7.50

Tree Stand Safety – It’s Up To You Video   This video produced by Oquirrh Productions, LLC contains the latest safety information regarding safe tree stand usage for all types of stands as well as fall arrest systems. Conveniently arranged by chapters for ease of watching. Contains English, French, and Spanish versions. Available on flash drive. Meets ASTM F2123 standards for tree stand video instruction. $10.00

Washed Khaki NBEF Logo Cap Low rise “washed” cotton hat with embroidered NBEF (National Bowhunter Education Foundation) logo on front. Slider size adjustment in back. $15.00 Instructor caps are also available on nbef.org.

Skills of the Survivor Video Up-to-date information that acquaints you with being outdoor prepared and the skills necessary to survive an outdoor emergency. Hosted by Peter Kummerfeldt, one of the world’s leading authorities on survival. Kummerfeldt has extensive global experience, spending 30 years as an Air Force Survival instructor and then working as a professional hunting guide in the Rockies. Practical survival training for outdoor enthusiasts. Available on Flash Drive $15.00

Bowhunting Basics –  Shot Placement to Big Game Recovery Video DVD This DVD takes you through the basics of a bowhunter education class with extra information on shot placement and big game recovery. Bowhunting information for beginners as well as a refresher for experienced bowhunters. Great item to view in conjunction with a bowhunter ed class or  online bowhunter certification course. A Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks production. $15.00

Bowhunting: A Timeless Tradition Video This video depicts a beginner bowhunter on his first trip afield as he learns from his friend the traditions of responsible bowhunting. This video can be used to set the tone of  bowhunter certification course or for the beginner bowhunter. Available on Flash Drive $15.00

Primal Dreams Special Edition DVD A shorter version (approx. 90 minutes) of the original Primal Dreams video. Beautiful relaxing music and scenery with a subtle hunting message. $15.00

$25 gift ideas

Green NBEF Shirt Pique mesh 50/50 knit polo shirt. Embroidered National Bowhunter Education Foundation logo in gold on dark green. Placket front. $25.00

Pewter IBEP Belt Buckle High-quality, hand-crafted pewter belt buckle with International Bowhunter Education artwork. Exceptional three-dimensional detail. $25.00

Bronze NBEF Money Clip Heavy duty bronze National Bowhunter Education Foundation money clip. Securely holds money with unique fastening device. $25.00

Ben Pearson Legendary Hunts – Vintage Bowhunting Video DVD Vintage video footage of the legendary bow hunts of Archery Hall of Famer and archery icon, Ben Pearson. Classic bowhunting video on DVD. $25.00

$30 gift ideas

Bowhunter Ed Online Course Through comprehensive instructional content and illustrations, and interactive learning exercises, students learn about the types of bows and arrows, safe shooting fundamentals, and wildlife conservation, shot placement, big game recovery, and outdoor preparedness while completing a Bowhunter ed state-approved safety course.

Crossbow Ed online course  Comprehensive crossbow instructional content and illustrations, help students learn about shooting fundamentals, safety techniques, shot placement, game recovery and wildlife conservation while completing a state-approved safety course with Crossbow Ed.

While our crossbow education courses enable safer hunting, they also help crossbow hunters be more successful and emphasize ethical hunting behavior. Subjects include crossbow hunter responsibility, wildlife identification and management, game care, outdoor survival, and more.

Bowhunter Ed in person course Find an in person bowhunter ed class close to home.

“NBEF offers items that bowhunters can use – even out of bowhunting season,” explained NBEF Executive Director Marilyn Bentz. “Proudly show that you are a certified bowhunter and support bowhunter education for safer and more successful hunts.”

NBEF helps bowhunters be safe, successful and stewards of the sport. NBEF offers bowhunting instructional items, books, videos, 3-D models, apparel and more at nbef.org.

About NBEF

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation offers instructional content and tools for bowhunter education classes in the US. Helping bowhunters become safe and successful hunters and stewards of the sport are important NBEF missions. NBEF provides the bowhunter certification standards and class content that some states and certain circumstances require in order to bow hunt. NBEF provides instructor training and certification.

NBEF oversees the International Bowhunter Education Program and works with the International Hunter Education Association and state agencies to coordinate a unified program. States may have additional requirements. Europe and other countries accept the NBEF (IBEP) certification and conduct classes.

NBEF also oversees the International Crossbow Education Program and works with state agencies responsible for crossbow education to develop comprehensive online crossbow safety courses that teach students important laws and regulations, game identification, and safe, responsible handling of crossbow equipment.

NBEF is a 501(c)3 corporation that isn’t a membership-based organization. Tax-deductible donations to support this non-profit are welcome.

Learn more at nbef.org.