RAPID CITY, SD (October 13, 2021) – A Tree Stand Safety Instructor Class was recently held for New York State Regional personnel at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center in Delmar, NY, on Sept 30, 2021. Attendees participated in a half day of classroom training and a half day of in-the-field training. The participants are now certified as lead instructors to teach other bowhunter and hunter ed instructors on the latest tree stand safety content and instructional methods.

Expert Instructors Glen Mayhew, Executive Director of the Tree Stand Safety Awareness Association and Ken Carter of Virginia conducted the 8-hour class administered by the National Bowhunter Education Foundation. This group of highly qualified Instructors join a worldwide network of nearly a thousand individuals with this specialty training. This was the first, in-person instructor training session since the onset of Covid.

NY Hunter Education Program Administrator Kelly Stang commented, “We are happy to have had this opportunity from the NBEF to keep our staff current on such an important topic as tree stand safety. These regional staff members are responsible for disseminating this critical life-saving information to their hunter ed volunteers who teach future hunters.”

NBEF Executive Director Marilyn Bentz said, “Because this specialized course is based on demand, it shows there is a keen interest in tree stand safety and bowhunting in the state of New York. We have seen a spike in bowhunter ed certifications over the past year as well. All of these things bode well for the sport of bowhunting.”

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About NBEF

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation offers instructional content and tools for bowhunter education classes in the US. Helping bowhunters become safe and successful hunters and stewards of the sport are important NBEF missions. NBEF provides the bowhunter certification standards and class content that some states and certain circumstances require in order to bow hunt. NBEF provides instructor training and certification.

NBEF oversees the International Bowhunter Education Program and works with the International Hunter Education Association and state agencies to coordinate a unified program. States may have additional requirements. Europe and other countries accept the NBEF (IBEP) certification and conduct classes.

NBEF also oversees the International Crossbow Education Program and works with state agencies responsible for crossbow education to develop comprehensive online crossbow safety courses that teach students important laws and regulations, game identification, and safe, responsible handling of crossbow equipment.

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