RAPID CITY, SD (December 3, 2021) – The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) has partnered with Bowhunters United to offer BU members a 20% discount on online bowhunter ed and cross bow ed classes. These online bowhunting classes help new and experienced hunters learn to hunt safely, increase success in the field and be better stewards of the sport.

“NBEF is pleased to offer this substantial discount exclusively to Bowhunters United members,” explained Marilyn Bentz, NBEF Executive Director. “We support the Bowhunters United mission and are happy to work with the organization to give their members every opportunity to be as successful as possible. NBEF certification is a valuable tool in developing lifelong bowhunters with the best information and techniques available.”

“Bowhunters United values bowhunter education and ethics. We appreciate NBEF offering this discount to our membership,” explained Jennifer Mazur, ATA Senior Director of Outreach and Education. Josh Gold, ATA Senior Manager of R3 and State Relations commented, “This aligns with our strategy to grow participation and increase educational opportunities for bowhunting.”

Bowhunters United members will receive their BU member course discount after logging into the members only area of the BU website. Visit BowhuntersUnited.com to join and receive this promotion and other direct discount links.

About Bowhunters United

We are bowhunters – a national organization that makes a difference for current and future bowhunters. We unite the community of bowhunters no matter why, where or how you participate. We promote a positive image of bowhunters, focus on conservation efforts, celebrate the lifestyle, and advocate on behalf of all bowhunters nationwide.

We make a difference in the bowhunting community by:

  • Addressing hot-topic legislative issues that affect bowhunting, including hunting regulations; wildlife-disease research; public-access issues; federal excise-tax decisions; and recruitment, retention and reactivation efforts to ensure you can bow hunt safely nationwide
  • Educating nonhunters on how the sport of bowhunting contributes to wildlife conservation and management
  • Providing verified and trusted information and education through our network and uniting the community of bowhunters nationwide with like-minded individuals
  • Training community organizations, and providing equipment to mainstream bowhunting in local programming
  • Bridging the gap between recreational shooters and bowhunters through proven mentorship programs
  • Providing archery range and program grants to increase bowhunter participation through more recreational shooting opportunities, and places for bowhunters to practice

Bowhunters United is owned and operated by the Archery Trade Association making BU’s relationship to the industry uniquely capable of offering exclusive benefits unavailable anywhere else and leveraging existing relationships with like-minded organizations. BU empowers bowhunters to contribute to the work the industry does to invest in the sport. We provide a voice to bowhunting advocacy efforts through partnerships, uniting millions of constituents, and become a trusted resource for all things bowhunting. Learn more at bowhuntersunited.com.

About NBEF

The National Bowhunter Education Foundation offers instructional content and tools for bowhunter education classes in the US. Helping bowhunters become safe and successful hunters and stewards of the sport are important NBEF missions. NBEF provides the bowhunter certification standards and class content that some states and certain circumstances require in order to bow hunt. NBEF provides instructor training and certification.

NBEF oversees the International Bowhunter Education Program and works with the International Hunter Education Association and state agencies to coordinate a unified program. States may have additional requirements. Europe and other countries accept the NBEF (IBEP) certification and conduct classes.

NBEF also oversees the International Crossbow Education Program and works with state agencies responsible for crossbow education to develop comprehensive online crossbow safety courses that teach students important laws and regulations, game identification, and safe, responsible handling of crossbow equipment.

NBEF is a 501(c)3 corporation that isn’t a membership-based organization. Tax-deductible donations to support this non-profit are welcome.



Kim Emery, Firefly Publicity, kim@fireflypublicity.com